Seismic Retrofit of At-Risk Property Credit

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Seismic Retrofit of At-Risk Property Credit
A State Tax for Costs to Seismically Retrofit "At-Risk" Buildings

Why the Tax Bill?

The reason for the bill is to address the state’s need to retrofit buildings for earthquake safety, and to provide additional tax incentive programs to encourage taxpayers to make these upgrades on buildings.

Seismic Retrofit Construction

Changes or additions to the structure of a qualified building to mitigate seismic damage:

  • Anchoring the structure to the foundation
  • Bracing cripple walls
  • Bracing hot water heaters
  • Installing automatic gas shutoff valves
  • Installing earthquake-resistant bracing system for mobile homes that is certified

To Be Eligible You Must:

The qualified taxpayer must obtain, and retain, certification from the jurisdiction with authority for building code enforcement, upon a review of the building, that the building is an at-risk property. Upon request, the qualified taxpayer would be required to provide a copy of the certification to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

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For More Information Contact:
City of Los Angeles and California Apartment Association
Bill Number: AB 428