Seismic Retrofit of At-Risk Property Credit

Don't wait any longer, protect your property and those living in it.


engineering services


We provide engineering analysis for the existing structure and drawings for the implementation of the seismic retrofitting. Drawings are prepared for a permit, all documentation is submitted to the LADBS for review and we obtain approval.

moment frame services

moment frame

We laterally brace soft-story buildings by installing moment frames. Each moment frame is built specifically for each application. Moment frame installation is the most effective way to strengthen your structure to withstand lateral force.

reinforced wall services

reinforced wall

We install sheer walls, Hardy Frames, and Strong Wall products to reinforce existing walls to withstand lateral force. Our engineers will assess your building to determine if reinforcing walls will bring your building into compliance with the Los Angeles seismic retrofit ordinance.

tenant habitability services

tenant habitability

Our trained professionals will work with the City of Los Angeles to develop a custom tenant habitability plan tailored to your specific situation. We take care of everything from A to Z to ensure you can recoup portions of the seismic retrofit project cost from your tenants.

bolting & bracing services

bolting & bracing

Our engineers and construction personnel are experts in reinforcing raised foundation buildings. From bolting the under-structure to the foundation, to bracing existing cripple walls, we will make sure your building can withstand the shear force of an earthquake.

foundation repair services

foundation repair

We provide an extensive range of foundation repair services. Our services include repairing undersized and cracked foundations. We are experts at underpinning, strengthening, removing, replacing, and re-leveling your foundation.