Does your Building need a Retrofit? We’ll let you know! The following cities already begun the Process with Retrofit1

Retrofit1 is a construction and design firm with over 20 years of experience and more than 300 retrofit projects completed to date. Located in Los Angeles, Retrofit1 specializes in soft-story retrofits, offering full-service from the tenant habitability plan to cost recovery at the end. 

Recently, Retrofit1 was hired to reinforce trenches in Vega, Los Angeles. The project included a 4-6 unit building and required foundation, roof and wall anchors, and foundations and grade beams. Throughout the process, a project manager was assigned to ensure that all went according to plan. 

The first step of the process was to create a tenant habitability plan. This included a detailed timeline outlining when any disruption may occur throughout the construction process, as well as a description of all safety measures taken during retrofitting. This plan was distributed to tenants prior to construction so they could plan accordingly. In addition, regular updates were sent out to tenants while work was being carried out so they were always aware of what was happening in their home. 

The next step was the actual retrofitting itself. During this stage, Retrofit1 used a variety of products and services to complete the job safely and efficiently. These included foundation anchors for reinforcing walls, roof anchors for supporting roofs, and grade beams for stabilizing foundations. All materials used were certified by the appropriate agencies so that they could withstand seismic activity in case of an earthquake. In addition, all construction debris was recycled or disposed of responsibly so that it didn’t affect the environment negatively. 

Once the retrofitting process had been completed, Retrofit1 will assist with cost recovery with the building owner. They created a comprehensive budget outlining all expenses incurred during construction so that the owner could be refunded for any costs associated with retrofitting their building. This allowed them to recoup any losses due to disruption or additional costs associated with retrofitting without having to worry about any legal repercussions or delays in getting their money back. 

At the end of the day, Retrofit1’s expertise enabled them to successfully complete this trench reinforcement project with minimal disruption to tenants living in Vega, Los Angeles. Their dedication towards providing quality service and affordable solutions ensured that everyone involved benefitted from this project – including building owners who were able to recover costs associated with retrofitting their building quickly and efficiently.   


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