Shearwall and Blocking Retrofit in Los Angeles, CA

Retrofit1 is a full service construction and design firm that has been serving the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. With over 300 retrofit projects completed to date, they have the experience and expertise to successfully manage the entire soft-story retrofitting process. Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager who ensures that all aspects of the process are conducted efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Retrofit1 team was recently hired to complete a shearwall and blocking retrofit on a residential building located in Thai Town, Los Angeles. The property is made up of seven or eight wood frames units that needed to be reinforced in order to meet current seismic safety standards. Retrofit1 devised a plan to address the foundation, roof, wall anchors, and plywood shear walls in order to bring the building up to code. 

The first step was to assess the structural integrity of the building. This included evaluating any existing damage and determining which components needed to be replaced or upgraded. The next step was to install foundation anchors into the existing concrete slab so that it could support additional weight from the new shear walls and blocking. Lastly, metal rods were used to secure plywood shear walls around all four sides of the building. 

Retrofit1 also worked closely with tenants during this process in order to ensure their safety as well as preserve their living conditions during construction. They provided detailed tenant habitability plans and notices throughout the duration of the project so that tenants were aware of any potential disruptions or changes they could expect while work was being completed. In addition, they facilitated communication between tenants and contractors so that any issues or questions could be addressed quickly and efficiently. 

Overall, Retrofit1 was able to complete this retrofitting project within budget and on schedule without compromising quality or safety. By taking advantage of their comprehensive knowledge on retrofits as well as their dedication to open communication with tenants, they were able to successfully bring this building up to date with seismic requirements without causing any disruption or distress for its occupants. 

By working with experienced professionals like Retrofit1, customers can rest assured knowing their projects are completed quickly, safely, and cost-effectively—allowing them peace of mind when it comes time for seismic retrofitting.


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