Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit: Reinforcing Buildings for Seismic Activity


A soft story retrofit is a process of reinforcing a building to make it more resistant to seismic activity and other types of damage. Soft story buildings are typically wood frame structures with tuck-under parking, 2 or more stories, and are especially vulnerable to earthquake damage. The Retrofit1 team was recently hired to complete a soft story retrofit at 915 S Bedford Street in Los Angeles.

The client chose Retrofit1 because of our extensive experience in the field – we have completed over 300 retrofit projects to date. Our team of caring professionals managed the entire process from start to finish, including the tenant habitability plan, tenant notices and communication during construction, and the cost recovery at the end. A project manager was assigned to the retrofit to ensure that everything went smoothly and the client always had a point of contact during the process.

The Retrofit1 team took several steps to reinforce the building and make it more resistant to damage. First, we redesigned the plans to save the client tens of thousands of dollars. Next, we installed braced or moment-resisting steel frames and cantilevered steel columns to reinforce the structure. Finally, we completed the cost recovery process so that the client would not be left with any out-of-pocket expenses.
The Retrofit1 team faced several challenges during the project, but we were able to overcome them and complete the retrofit on time and on budget. The client was very satisfied with our work and was happy to have a more seismically sound building.

If you are in need of a soft story retrofit, we encourage you to contact Retrofit1. We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs and budget, and we will complete the project on time and on budget.


Los Angeles, CA, USA
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